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inspecting a chimney VISUAL
This is our comprehensive 12 point inspection process. We will inspect your chimney from the fireplace, furnace, or boiler connection all the way to the chimney crown and cap and everything in between. This includes removing the stove, vent pipe, cap, damper plate, etc… to view as much of the system as possible using high-powered spotlights and mirrors. Inspections are done PER FLUE. This is important to know, because chimneys often contain more than one flue.

This is our same comprehensive 12 point inspection process, with one major addition. We add the use of our "Wohler" professional video inspection system to our already comprehensive inspection process. This video system allows us to display for you, the homeowner, any of our findings from inside the chimney on a color video monitor. We can also take digital photos of our findings using this system, which we can print on the spot for you at no additional cost. This is often handy during the negotiating stage of real estate transactions.

sweeping a chimney SWEEPING
Don't just have your chimney swept. Have it swept AND inspected. Too often, chimneys are swept but never examined by sweeps looking to get in and out as quickly as possible. Our certified sweeps perform a comprehensive inspection of the chimney during the sweeping process.

Our comprehensive 12 point inspection process combined with a thorough sweeping of the chimney flue. Our certified sweeps cover the work space with drop cloths to protect your home, as well as cover the fireplace opening prior to sweeping. Your chimney is swept from the very top to the very bottom.

Just like it sounds, we'll perform a thorough sweeping of your chimney and combine it with all the benefits of our video inspection process. You'll receive a detailed written report and photographs to document the process.

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chimney caps

Our chimney caps carry a lifetime warranty and prices are determined by cap size, chimney size, mounting requirements, and whether the cap is constructed of stainless steel or copper.

We can repair or rebuild crowns, as well as seal the crown with a flexible membrane sealant. This is an important aspect of the chimney because it helps protect the interior of the chimney from the damaging effects of water penetration. Prices determined by size of crown and extent of repair or rebuild.

Custom chase covers installed and sealed. Technician will quote a price upon inspection of chase.

M-Flex liner system LINER SYSTEMS
We install "M-Flex" stainless steel liner systems when we re-line your chimney. These liner systems are UL listed and carry a lifetime warranty. What's more, that warranty is transferable should you sell your home. We are often asked about other types of lining systems. While there are lots of different systems in the marketplace, this is the system that we feel the best about installing in your home. When it comes to protecting your home and your family, there is no room for chance. After we install a new liner system in your home, we will provide you with documentation of your warranty, we will register your warranty with the manufacturer, and we will provide you with a document to record the cleanings necessary to maintain your warranty. We also obtain the required permits from the city or county on your behalf and provide detailed instructions on how to have that permit inspected and closed out, all at no additional cost to you.

Liners are priced on a per foot basis. They fall into three categories:
1) drop-in, 2) drop-in with breakout / drop-in with insulation, 3) drop-in with breakout and insulation.
There are no pricing games. Our technicians will be happy to show you how they arrived at your quote.

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OTHER SERVICES (priced on a per job basis)

Brick and mortar repairs BRICK AND MORTAR REPAIRS
We can re-point loose or missing mortar and replace missing bricks on the exterior of the chimney as well as in the firebox.

This area of the chimney often has voids, holes, or missing mortar joints. We can patch small areas, or seal the entire chamber with a proven "Smōktite" system.

We can repair and replace dampers, both at the bottom of the chimney as well as top sealing dampers.

This is a system applied to the exterior of the chimney to protect brick and mortar from water penetration.

Just like it sounds! Gutter cleaning is priced according to the size of the home and the accessibility of the gutters.

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